Posted by: isaaph | August 12, 2006

CSB students’ interview

Last month, some girls from College of St. Benilde emailed me requesting for an interview about size discrimination in the Philippines. They’re taking up Fashion Design but the interview is for a politics class wherein groups get to choose any political stand they want to take and conduct inteviews and studies regarding their topic. The girls who contacted me chose size discrimination as their issue. I agreed to the interview, the first ever since I became the President of ISAA Philippines. On August 4, the girls videotaped the interview in my office. They were shy and I tried to make them feel welcome. Some of the questions they asked me include the ff.:
1) Is there size discrimination in the Philippines?
2) Had I ever been discriminated and how did it happen?
3) Are there Philippine laws against size discrimination? – NONE!
4) My message to those who discriminate.
5) My message to the students watching the video
After the interview, I asked them to support the organization and spread the word that such an organization exists. Hopefully, the interview would make some CSB students join the organization.


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