Posted by: isaaph | August 31, 2006

ISAA UK Blasts NHS Fertility Ban On The Obese

The United Kingdom Branch of the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA UK) strongly condemns the decision by the UK’s National Health System (NHS) to ban fertility treatments for obese women. ISAA UK has determined that they systematic denial of fertility treatment to women with a BMI of 36 or more is akin to blackmail.

“Because The NHS has poorly managed its funding, it is trying to make up for it by denying service to groups of people it deems ‘unworthy.’ It is essentially saying two things to the public: lose weight in order to have children and fat women aren’t worth helping,” said Fatima Parker, President of ISAA UK. “At the same time, it is further showing its bias against the obese because it will allow fertility treatment for smokers, who have a much higher proven health risk to mother and child than the obese.”

ISAA UK recommends the public contact the NHS and the British Fertility Society to voice their concerns over this blatant discriminatory attitude.

For general enquiries about the NHS, please contact:
Customer Service Centre
The Department of Health
Richmond House
79 Whitehall
London SW1A 2NL
Telephone: 0207 210 4850
Minicom: 0207 210 5025
Both lines are open from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday


For general enquiries about the British Fertility Society, please contact:

Pauline Bertrand
British Fertility Society Secretariat
22 Apex Court
Bradley Stoke
BS32 4JT

Telephone: 01454 642217
Fax: 01454 642222


ISAA’s Mission is to promote size acceptance and help end size-based discrimination throughout the world by means of advocacy and visible, lawful actions.

Contact ISAA UK President Fatima Parker for interviews at 07765286182 or by e-mail at


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