Posted by: isaaph | October 5, 2006

Miriam files indefinite sick leave from the Senate

Another old news but still locally relevant. It goes to show that eating disorders can affect anyone.

 Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago yesterday filed an indefinite sick leave due to loss of weight.

The lady lawmaker revealed her filing an indefinite sick leave barely a day after returning from a nine-day, five-nation trip abroad with President Arroyo.

Santiago claimed she suffers from anorexia, that caused her to lose 20 pounds in two months.

As a lawmaker, Santiago is known for her fiery comments and for filing the most number of resolutions in the Senate.

During the past months, however, she seemed to have calmed down from her usual pointed remarks and witty utterrances on various issues and political personalities.

Early this year, Senator Santiago first filed for an indefinite sick leave on recommendation of her doctors because of a heart condition. A few days later, she was in the company of President Arroyo on her trip to the Middle East.

Now, she’s complaining of losing weight brought about by anorexia, after returning from a trip to Finland, Belgium, England, Cuba, and Hawaii in the United States, also with the presidential party.

Santiago may spend her sick leave, recuperating from this illness at her residence in La Vista Subdivision in Quezon City.

Source: Manila Bulletin Online 


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