Posted by: isaaph | November 28, 2006

Major ISAA Announcement

This announcement is also available in podcast form on the ISAA Pods website at

Austin, TX – The International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) is no longer a membership organization, effective September 1, 2006. All memberships received prior to September 1, 2006 will be honored but no new memberships will be accepted. In addition, the “Join ISAA” webpage and all weblinks relating to joining ISAA have been removed from the ISAA website.

There are many reasons for this change. First of all, ISAA is and always has been geared towards volunteer efforts from the public, which has included but not been limited to ISAA’s membership.

Secondly, ISAA has always had members but as time progressed and more ISAA activities and publications originated online, there were fewer benefits for joining ISAA, except to show support for ISAA. This has always been appreciated but is not sufficient reason to continue being a membership organization.

Third, support for ISAA would be better served through donations to ISAA. ISAA has several projects coming up in the near future and will need public support to accomplish those tasks and projects.

Lastly, ISAA is trying to maximize its strengths and eliminate potential weaknesses. Every once in a while, it is good to make changes that will improve the organization as a whole.

ISAA will continue to be active in promoting size acceptance and combating size discrimination throughout the world. And with your participation and support, we will accomplish our mission.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
Allen Steadham
International Size Acceptance Association



  1. Hi im from abs-cbn news and current affairs..i would like to know where i can get in touch with ms.karen ang or anyone from isaa philippines.thanks

  2. you may contact me at 4142540 or 41 look for camille

  3. Camille,

    So sorry for the late reply. I wasn’t aware of the comment. Are you still interested in contacting ISAA?

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