Posted by: isaaph | December 17, 2006

Obesity Warning On Clothes Suggested

LONDON, Dec. 15 (UPI) Health specialists in Britain want large-size clothing to carry notices, including whom to call for help in losing weight, warning of the danger of obesity.

The recommendation is among public health professionals’ suggestions, published in the British Medical Journal, for combating obesity, The Times of London reported.

In addition to tagging clothing with warnings, the group suggests placing extra taxes on foods high in sugar and saturated fat. They also call for banning the practice of placing candy designed to entice children at the checkout counters in stores.

The report was assembled by the head of the National Health Service in Scotland and professors at Newcastle and Glasgow universities.

They suggest Britain establish a central agency responsible for aspects of obesity.

Medical practice must adapt to the current epidemic of obesity and nutrition-related diseases, the report said.

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