Posted by: isaaph | January 15, 2007

ISAA Congratulates Yahoo For Making Plus-Size Messenger Avatars!

AUSTIN, TX – The International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) would like to thank Yahoo ( for responding to public feedback and creating plus-size apparel and appearance for their male and female “avatars” (cute, customizable graphical representations of people) for their Yahoo Messenger instant messaging software. In 2005, ISAA made a short campaign to encourage the public to contact Yahoo to encourage the company to make avatars which represent all segments of the population, including the plus-sized.

As of today, Yahoo has made “plus-size” a category to choose from their “apparel” customization screen on the Avatar section ( ) of their website. To use Yahoo Messenger ( and create an avatar, one must have a free Yahoo account. Yahoo offers a variety of free and for-pay services, including e-mail, blogging, music, news, classified ads, maps and much more!

ISAA encourages the public to contact Yahoo at the link provided below and thank them for responding to what you asked for and make suggestions for even better fashion choices for males and females. We have made an impression, so let’s build on it. Thanks for continuing to be involved in size acceptance. As you can see, we are accomplishing more than we know sometimes.

Contact Yahoo at the link below to offer them positive, productive and encouraging feedback. Please do not attack or flame them if you think they’re not doing enough, just let them know how you think they could improve. Thanks!

Yahoo Avatar Feedback Form

We know Yahoo reads your feedback, so offer it today.

Best Wishes,
Allen Steadham


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