Posted by: isaaph | July 30, 2007

PDI Article by Queena Lee-Chua

An article written by Queena Lee-Chua called “The New Science of Weight Loss” was published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer. What I like about it is it doesn’t put the blame of obesity on the person himself.

She mentioned Gina Kolata and her book Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss and the Myths and Realities of Dieting.

Initially, dieters do lose weight, and stay thin for a few months. But inevitably, for the majority, their weight creeps back, and they end up fatter and even more frustrated…

…Kolata has done extensive research, which makes “Rethinking Thin” a great eye-opener. I have scanned countless health books, but this one is worth reading. Kolata debunks most of what we think is true about diet and health.

…Does this mean that we should not try to lose weight? Extreme obesity has real health risks, but Kolata concludes, “it does not help to tell people that they are fat, to eat less and exercise more. [We should] rethink the risks of a few extra pounds. Perhaps society can then let up on beleaguered fat people.”

Well that’s still a good start even if the article is more for moderately obese people.



  1. Beleaguered fat people is right. Size-prejudice is completely out of control.

  2. Yeah. Even more so now because of that stupid ‘study’ on how it is socially contagious.

  3. Which study is that? I haven’t seen it. Link me?

  4. Check out

    It’s a news article about the study

  5. Thank you. I’ll read it now.

  6. Hmph.

    I see the logic of their conclusions — but yes, the term “socially conatagious” is alarmist and fans the flames of the derision and discrimination that already exists.

  7. Exactly. That’s what I’m worried about.

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