GOAL: Educate corporations, lawmakers, and the general populace about size acceptance
OBJECTIVE: ISAA will create brochures, flyers, posters, and lobbying information and determine which locations, individuals, and corporations would be best suited to receive these informative materials.

GOAL: Provide volunteers to speak about size acceptance at public schools, colleges, and other venues
OBJECTIVE: An ISAA Public Speaking committee will be formed to collaborate on materials which can be presented at public schools, colleges, or other venues on the topic of size acceptance and its importance to people of all sizes. This committee will also be responsible for recommending the Guest Speakers. Should the Board of Directors approve the committee’s recommendations, the committee will be responsible for coordinating the public speaking engagement. The materials should be appropriate for the age group they are being presented to.

GOAL: Distribute information about size acceptance in the form of brochures, flyers, press releases, electronic mail, web pages, newsgroups, and personal interaction with individuals, groups, and various media
OBJECTIVE: ISAA Think Tank members and the Board of Directors will work together to constantly update ISAA information and make it available to the general public, through various media (Internet, telephone calls, faxes, and in person).

GOAL: Create local chapters throughout the world to provide immediate support and feedback for ISAA members and non-members seeking to join ISAA in the size acceptance movement
OBJECTIVE: The Director of ISAA will create a “Blueprint for Chapter Formation,” which will either be adopted or revised by the ISAA Think Tank and the Board of Directors. This blueprint will be made available to individuals who desire to form their own local chapter of ISAA.

GOAL: Develop policy and position papers on issues regarding size acceptance and size discrimination and make these materials available to the public in the form of brochures, flyers, press releases, electronic mail, web pages, newsgroups, and personal interaction with individuals, groups, and various media
OBJECTIVE: An ISAA Policy/Position Committee will be formed to research size acceptance issues and materials. This committee will develop policy and position papers to meet the above Goal.

GOAL: Respond to incidents of size discrimination either on the local level or internationally, depending upon the circumstances, in an appropriate and lawful manner
OBJECTIVE: On the international level, the Vice President in charge of Activism will coordinate public responses to incidents of size discrimination. On a local level, the President of each chapter will be responsible for determining responses to incidents of size discrimination.



  1. Hi there!
    my name is chi. I am an associate producer in jesuit communications foundation.
    We are the producers of Light Talk with Bishop Chito Tagle, a talk show that airs over ABC 5 every Sunday at 9:00 AM and 10:00PM. For the month of July, we will be discussing Eating Disorders. We are looking for someone who has this kind of disorder/ has poor self image or has recovered from this situation.
    Just in case you know someone who has the aforementioned case, kindly let us know. Our aim of interviewing him/her is to educate our viewers about proper diet and being health conscious rather being image conscious.
    thank you very much!
    you may get in touch with me through

  2. Hi there – I’m sorry for leaving this in comments, but I was unable to locate a contact address for you on the site. Please feel free to remove this. 🙂

    I wanted to let you know, in hopes that you might let your audience know, that I’ve recently launched a new project that I’m very excited about!

    The new project is called “The Fat Experience Project.” and you can view it here:

    The goal of the Fat Experience Project is to map the global experience of fat in a way that is human, has a face, a heart, a mind, a body and a voice. The Fat Experience Project is an oral, visual and written history project which seeks to be a humanizing force in body image activism. By collecting and sharing the many and varied stories of individuals of size, the Fat Experience Project seeks to engage with, educate, empower and enrich the lives of people of size, our allies and the world at large.

    As the project grows, it will be filled with first-person, non-fiction narratives (in text, video or mp3 format) that speak to the many and varied aspects of the life lived large. Some of the content will come from interviews already gathered on an extensive 2-month road trip (with the lovely Val Garrison) in both audio and video format. Some content will come from trips on the horizon. Most content will be submitted via the website by readers such as yourself.

    It is my hope that the project will be a community tool to combat prejudice/stereotype/discrimination as well as to help externalize shame so it can discussed and dissipated. The things we keep silent about are the things that do us the most harm. Shared burden is lighter. I am hoping, as well, that the project may eventually be used as a humanizing resource for fat studies and social anthropology courses.

    I am writing to ask for your help in both the promotion of and the participation in this project. It is my fondest hope that, ultimately, with time and resources, this project will grow beyond a specific and exclusive fat focus and move toward addressing the many intersections of shame.

    In the meantime, I would love your help in the form of passing this along to your readers/mailing lists/friends/family/anyone you feel may benefit from hearing about this project.

    I also welcome comments, constructive criticism and volunteers.

    Thanks for your time and energy!
    Big BIG love,

    Stacy Bias

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